I wanted to make some paintings but was too lazy to take my brushes so I finally decided, as usual, to use my favorite 3D painting tools to create some still life images 

Modeled with blender 
Render with Octane
Rendering time quite fast, less then 30 min in ~2800x2400 on 4 GTX




0 #2 Umberto 2016-01-18 09:08
Hi Enrico, another excellent job!
I think this "nature morte" is really much more painterly than the other your works, and this is very, very wonderful !
I hope, one day, to creare graphic images as close as possible like yours.

0 #1 Patrick Depoix 2016-01-17 18:52
Hi Enrico Cerica,
I must congrate you alot for this very beautiful pictures, Octane is a wonderful tool and you can certainly use it like a Master!
Good contunation.
Patrick Depoix, Architect.

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